Ride in a Pack

MC Tips and Protocol

The more your club rides together, the more you learn to ride as one. Have you ever seen a pack of motorcycles riding down the road? There is a huge difference between a pack of bikers riding down a highway scattered all over the place, and a pack riding down the road tight and in sync. It’s almost as if they can read each others minds. When they ride together they ride as one. They know when to turn, when to react, and how fast to ride. It’s all in their body gestures and experience riding together.

Plan weekly rides with your club or chapter. That is something we made sure to do every Sunday morning. Mandatory weekly run to anywhere 40 miles away minimum and back. We would all meet up at our rendezvous spot and ride out for breakfast. It’s always great to spend more time with your brothers, but even better to ride together. It’s an amazing feeling, and it serves two purposes. It generates more bonding time with your brothers to fortalice the brotherhood, and it generates more riding time together as a pack to get that very much needed practice. Again, the more you ride together the more you get to know each other’s riding habits to be able to read and recognize each other’s body language.

Practice practice practice…
The more y’all ride the better you get to know how each brother rides.

You learn how a brother reacts when he wants to turn to another lane, speed up or slow down. Your riding becomes neater. Dealing with traffic becomes easier and safer. Riding scattered through out the highway freaks cage driver out. It frustrates and irritates them leading to road rage and bad reactions that can get a biker killed.

There is no such thing as fender benders for bikers. I had to learn that the hard way. Dealing with drivers ignorance and their apathy is a daily issue. Dealing with drivers texting, distracting phone calls, eating, changing cloths, applying make up… the list is never ending. It’s difficult to ignore a loud thundering pack of motorcycles. Make it clear and evident that you are riding through. It leaves them no choice but to focus on the road and notice you. It insures they look out for you. They will increase the space cushion between them and you and get out of your way, ultimately keeping you safer. Most accidents are because cage drivers didn’t notice the biker riding towards or around them. Riding in a pack keeps you safe. 

When a pack is riding in a heavy traffic freeway, keep the pack tight. That avoids cages cutting y’all off or sneaking in between the pack. But keep in staggered formation incase you need to come to an emergency stop and you need the extra wiggle room to avoid hitting the brother in front of you. Again the more practice you guys get riding in a pack, the safer this is to do. It will eventually become second nature, a thoughtless practice.

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