MC Tips and Protocol

It’s not easy to be in a club. I remember before I joined an MC. I had the freedom to do whatever the hell I wanted to do, and ride where and with whoever I felt like. So when I was spotted and invited to the club, I was hesitant. I didn’t see why I should join an organization full of rules and be handicapped by them. Oh boy was I wrong. It only took a few meetings and get togethers to sense what I wanted and where I belonged. It took joining the club to realize the sense of brotherhood I was missing in my life. The chance to be a part of something bigger than myself. That brotherhood that welcomed me as a brother made all these rules and handicaps well worth it. It got to the point that I began to live by these rules day in day out, instead of seeing them as ropes and chains holding me back from being myself.

They became my life’s guidelines. Before I knew it, it all became second nature to me. I naturally follow them and live by them without thinking about it anymore. Kinda like when I first learned to ride. The concept of having to use my left foot to shift, right foot to rear brake, left hand to hold and release the clutch and right hand to front break, while riding in traffic trying not to hit anything, keep the motorcycle up straight and avoid anyone bumping into me and killing me. It seemed overwhelming yet now I do it all and more without hesitation or thinking about it. By the time I patched out I decided to ingrain myself deeper into the club and naturally, I scaled my way up the officer chain. That was seven years ago. Now it is the life I live every day, and I can’t see myself with out it.

To be an exclusive member of an organization, simply because of who I am as a man and the life I live. And to join this organization with other men who think, live and feel the same way I do. The sense of belonging, when with everyone else, I was the odd ball no one understood.

Now I’m a brother to many. Someone willing to give it all up for another brother. Here to do whatever I can to help another brother when ever he needs a hand or two. Not because I have to or because it is what I am supposed to do, but because I want to! That is true Brotherhood.

Those that live by the life of an MC understand it, those that don’t, never will. And if you’re a part of an MC and you don’t share this thought then you’re not doing it right. Spend more time with the club, both as a whole and individually on a one on one basis. Get to know one another. The more time you all spend together the stronger the brotherhood bond becomes. Don’t just wear a patch to wear one and ride because you saw bikers doing it on tv. You are missing out my friend. There is a lot more to being in a motorcycle club. I’ve heard of clubs getting together no more than once a month. That is a shame and embarrassment. Make an effort to get together once a week. Take turns hosting church at each others homes throwing a BBQ and going for a ride after. Welcoming your brothers into your home is a way to receive your brothers in to your life with open arms. It allows your family to see the life and brotherhood you live so that they can understand it and accept it. Or better yet they learn to support it.

After you get that down to meeting every week, make an effort to meet up more than once. Make weekend rides and family get togethers. After all you are in a family club right? This way your spending time with your brothers and not pulling your time away from your wife and kids. It also allows y’alls family’s to interact with each other and see each other as the one big family they are. You wouldn’t keep your wife and kids from your siblings and their families right? Then why would you do it from your brothers. Show some pride and respect. Share that side of your life with your family. I promise you, these kind of get togethers are what avoid the wife ultimatums and arguments about being away with the club so much. Giving them a chance to see, feel and be a part of this life style helps them understand it and want to support it.

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