Cars + Cell Phones = Murder

Cars + Cell Phone=Murder

There’s another death in our motorcycle community this week. Many brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, cousins, aunts and uncles stripped away from their loved ones. Many children growing up without their parents all because a text message or a Facebook post that couldn’t wait. Every week there is a death or serious injury of a biker because someone wasn’t paying attention while they were driving. A local Motorcycle club lost two brothers in the past month over negligent drivers. One of their lives was taken right in front of their home, where his wife and children were forced to experience and scar their lives by having to see their father & husbands lifeless body laying on the road. His children bloodied when touching him while they begged him to wake up. Another good brother was struck by another driver not more than two weeks ago. He is still in the hospital today going through surgeries to put him back together again. Not long ago I heard there was another death in Brownsville, again do to a negligent driver. I know another club that lost three brothers in one day. Two different incidence! This is no exaggeration. It is every single week that this happens.

Cell phones should be deactivated or placed out of reach if someone is driving a cage.

It’s no different from running around with a loaded gun in your hand, finger on the trigger, while texting or interacting with social media. It is only a matter of time before you “accidentally” pull that trigger because you were distracted on your phone.

Why risk a person’s life that way. What text message or social media post couldn’t wait 15 minutes till you come to a stop, that was worth killing someone and stripping them of their lives and family.

Accidents happen. As angry as it makes me to hear or see a brother’s life taken by these people’s idiocy, an honest accident is an accident. I don’t feel they should be punished more harshly but something needs to be done. TV commercials and lit signs on the freeway one month a year isn’t doing enough. Drivers do not seem to understand how severe these stupid little decisions spiral quickly into ruining or taking someones life. Everyday I ride, I run into someone driving to slow, to fast, swerving on to my lane because they are on the phone. I have been run off the expressway by a massive SUV because some idiot was texting and taking selfies with her phone. Everyday I run into close calls because drivers are distracted from the simple task of driving their vehicle. Luckily I pay close enough attention and ride defensively every single time I hop on my motorcycle; otherwise I would be laying dead on the side of a road or in a ditch somewhere.

Car plus cell phone equals murder

Bikers!!!! Please do the same. I know we love to jump on that bike and enjoy the ride, to clear our mind of the world we live in and long work days. But there is too high of a risk of not surviving the ride. Usually not because our riding isn’t proficient but because there are fools behind wheels all around us. Wear a full face lid, boots and stay safe!!!

Until some one invents a device that will disable a wireless connection while in a running vehicle, and the government mandates these devices in everyone’s cage. I implore that everyone teaches cage drivers around us to keep their phones away or deactivated while driving. Though we are all bikers, every single one of us have family members, friends, coworkers, employees, loved ones around us that drive cages. If we each do our parts and teach them all to discipline their cell phone use. To restrict their cell phone use while driving and teach the same with people they know, we can make a difference. We can make a strong enough impact in the driving world that can save lives and help keep us safe out there. This is a call to action, matter of life and death. Please share this with everyone and help the road become a safer place.

Don’t be responsible for murdering someone with your cage. Pledge today that you will leave your cell phone in your pocket or purse while behind the wheel.

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