New MC Patches

MC Tips and Protocol

It’s great when you earn a new patch. It is a great sense of gratification. All patches should be earned, not purchased. Each one should have its own story. Where you got it, how you earned it and who gave it to you. They are much like tattoos. Special pieces on your cut that add character to it. They make your vest, your own. You must take pride in it. That way you can apply meaning to every one of your patches.

It’s especially great when you earn them at a run. A great memorial to remember that long road trip and rally. But I’ve seen an issue arise more and more. As it is, no one but you and your brothers should be allowed to touch your cut. But fact of the matter is we don’t all own sowing machines or know how to stitch worth the fuck. Ha…

Therefore we are forced to allow a seamstress to handle our vest in order to sew your patches on and make sure they are on securely. The last thing you want is to have them come loose on the road and lose them forever. Or worse have an officer embarrass you and rip it off your chest for not wearing it with enough pride to secure it properly. Then you have to bust your ass till you earn it back again.

Returning to the issue at hand. When you do take your vest to the seamstress.

DO NOT WALK AWAY AND LEAVE IT BEHIND!!! Especially if you are at a run. You should not let your cut out of your sight.

That is Highly UnProfessional. What stops someone from dropping it on the floor, step on it, or walk over it, accident or not. Or worse, what stops someone from sneaking in and stealing it. Then they take their trophy home to hang on the wall. A trophy a fool practically gave away. Many times these seamstresses are set up out in an open booth, were hundreds of people are walking by. Not to mention the fact that it is a huge action of disrespect towards your MC.

So respect your colors. Treat them and wear them with pride, because if you can’t you shouldn’t be wearing them at all.

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