Ol Lady MC Etiquette from One Ol Lady to Another. Part2

Ol Lady Etiquette 2

There is a lot to learn from being an ol lady to a MC Member. It’s easy to screw up. Learn these rules of proper etiquette so you learn from my mistakes instead of personally learning the hard way:

• I made the mistake of asking, “what’s going on?” when my ol’ man was speaking in a heavy tone and waving his arms around to one of his brothers. My ol’ man pulled me aside and told me to mind my own damn business. That goes without saying, club business is club business. It does not concern us. So, the best thing to do is to not ask questions. We ol’ ladies are just that, ol’ ladies, nothing more. We are simply the wife/girlfriend. They are the club members not us. What goes on in club meetings is their business not ours. So, to avoid these kind of confrontations, I simply just stay out of it. So I avoid their conversations, phone calls and anything to do with his club. As soon as I see him speaking to one of his brothers, I walk away and find a distraction.

• About a year and a half ago, I was helping my ol’ man and his club at a club function. I got upset because I saw another women talking to him. I had a “what the hell does she need to be talking to my man for?” attitude. Of course, me and my attitude made a scene in front of everyone. It didn’t sit to well with my man. Not cool, I know, but I did. I jeopardized my relationship. My ol’ man literally told me that “this is the way it is and that’s the way it’s going to be.” I wouldn’t be married today if I hadn’t cleaned up my sour attitude. Well, later I found out that, that women that kept talking to my man was there to help the club sell raffle tickets. And he as an officer had to speak to her to give her instructions. It’s important to give your man the respect that he deserves. Don’t act up in front of his brothers, and definitely don’t jump to conclusions and end up making a scene that makes you look stupid.

• Don’t call his brothers your brothers. Again, he is the patched member not you.

• Don’t interrupt him when he is speaking to his brothers. It doesn’t matter whether they are talking club business or not. And if they are talking club business, just step away and wait till he addresses you.

• Act like a lady and you will be respected as one. Don’t get drunk in front of any of his club brothers. Control your drinking to avoid any misunderstandings and embarrassments.

• Dressing inappropriately will call for unwanted attention and wondering eyes. The last thing you want to do is cause any problems between your ol’ man and his brothers.

• The “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” applies here. Whatever we see and hear stays there. Being invited to their social gatherings (BBQs, Birthday Parties, etc) is a privilege we don’t want to lose.

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