Motorcycle Club Secrecy

MC Tips and Protocol

Ever heard the term Club Business. Club business means it’s business for patched member and patched member only. So, you want to know what my patch means? Tuff shit, go through what I went through to join the club and find out. Otherwise it’s None of Your Damn Business. Keep everything within the club. Don’t pillow talk, don’t tell your buddies what’s going on with the club. If they are not members then its none of their business. Keep it that way.

There is value in the prestige to have the right to know internal business. Have you been asked to step out of a room or area so that patched members can have a secret meeting. What goes through your head? The curiosity eats you alive. What the hell could they possibly be talking about that no one else can know about. Could just be plans for a ride that weekend for all we know, but the secrecy of it…. The need to be a part of the circle, and when your allowed to be a part of it is indescribable.

It is things like that secrecy and curiosity that make a person want to join the club and become a part of it. Hence, leading to club growth.

That is why it is so important to keep and fortify it. Be strict with it, to the point of repercussions and disciplining if someone breaks it. Show these brothers you are serious, by removing their bottom rocker. Chances are they will learn their lesson and will bust their asses to earn it back, and in the process learn to become a better brother. If even then they continue, don’t stop. It is a simple rule. Keep taking patches from them until they learn. Naturally if they don’t belong in the club they won’t stop till they lose it all and lose their membership as a whole. And you know what, it’s ok. It’s natural selection. Let them go, that’s not who you need in your club.

At the end of the day, what is important is the future of the club. Rules exist for a reason. It weaves out the poisonous members and fortifies the brotherhood.

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