Full Face Lid

Wear a Damn Full Face Lid!!!

Wear a Damn Full Face Lid!!! Full face lids can save your life, and secure an open casket funeral the day you pay the ultimate price of being a biker.

I’ve said this before. There are idiots all over the road popping bikers like a vicious game of whack a mole.

Everyday we hear of bikers getting killed or ending up in the hospital. Do you, your brothers, and your family a favor and wear a full face helmet. I know quite a handful of people who were dragged for 40 feet or skid down the road yard after yard and only survived it because they wore a full face lid.

I remember riding in a pack of 30 bikes one day somewhere near Houston in heavy traffic. Something happened that caused one of the guys to go down. I looked in my mirror and saw him and his motorcycle rolling up towards me, like the Indiana Jones scene where he was being chased by a rolling boulder. One of the other guys behind him rode over his head with his heavily packed street glide. I rushed up to the front of the pack to notify the leader of the pack so we can turn around and head back. I was sure we were rushing to a scene with a mangled and run over dead body. To my surprise as we rode up to the under pass. We found this guy standing around speaking with everyone around him, as if nothing had happened. Not a scratch on this guy. He blew my fucking mind. I proceeded to tell him to have a seat and relax. He is lucky to be standing and walking around. His helmet split in half after the street glide rode right over it. He walked away free of injury. Can you imagine if the club hadn’t enforced the full face helmet on him. What would have happened to his head with a 600lb motorcycle, 200lb man, and 100lbs of tools and supplies ride over it with the rear tire. It would have been a whole different kind of memory, I’ll tell you that right now.

Wear a Damn Full Face Lid!!!

You get use to it. It may be claustrophobic at first. But before you know it you no longer feel or notice you’re wearing it. No more wind drying out your eyes. No more bugs and stones flying at your eyes causing possible blindness. No more rain water impairing your vision or at least not as bad. It also muffles the loud pipes on your bike or even worse the deafening thunder of motorcycles around you when your riding in a big pack.

I know what your thinking. Well what if I wear a half shell or a 2/3rd lid. That is the same thing right. No, it’s not.

I hit a f250 once. I bent my bars forward and flew across my motorcycle hitting the tailgate perfectly to where i missed my german helmet completely by no more than half an inch. I split my face in six nasty gashes down to the bone, leaving me at least three permanent scars on my face to remind me to wear a full face every day. I mean after everything i was lucky I walked away from that wreck and I’m still here to ride again. In other cases I’ve heard of guys going over their bikes, face first, tearing their jaw off their face. Try surviving that shit. I can’t imagine those guys living a normal life after that.

Moral of the story… Get your self a damn full face lid and wear it when you ride. There are plenty of different lids out there. Different sizes, colors, and styles, so there are no excuses. This decision can save your life and help you live to ride many more miles and many more years to come. After all isn’t that what a bikers life is really about.

If you don’t own a Full Face Helmet yet, here are a few good websites to check out:





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