Put some damn Boots on!!!

Many clubs out there enforce a dress code. Boots, a leather vest, pants, a full face helmet. You need to take into consideration, they have you wear such things not just because they want the club to look uniform, but because of safety issues.

We don’t think about what’s going to happen the day we go down. It’s NOT if we do, it’s when we do. It will happen. I learned that the hard way. Things as simple as wearing pants can save the skin on your legs. Do you remember running around or riding a bicycle when you were a kid and tripping over. What happened when you hit the street with your hands, arms and legs? It scrapped the skin right off didn’t it? Now imagine that happening at 30-90mhr. It’s not fun let me tell you, and it’s definitely not funny.

I speak through experience. I have wrecked and gone down a number of times. And yea I was the guy that said that would never happen to. I loved my motorcycle too much to allow it to happen, but it did. More than once. It happened in a matter of seconds. A leather jacket saved my arms from being torn to shreds. Even though the heat generated from rubbing against the concrete at 80mhr as I skid down the road caused nasty road rash on my forearms, it could of been much worse. My jean pants did the same for my legs. My boots made sure my feet stayed in tact. You could say I’ve been lucky, no broken bones. And God willing I will stay that way.

My full face lid made sure I didn’t crack my skull open like an egg. I remember my brothers telling me they saw me through their rear mirror. My head was bouncing off the ground like a fucking basketball. I can keep writing about the importance of motorcycle safety gear or… They say images speak louder then words. Let me show you a few examples.

This is why you wear boots. Not just because it may be enforced by the club, but to save your feet and ankles so you can ride again.

Still think its cool to wear chanclas on a motorcycle?

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