How to Adjust your Clutch

Clutch Adjustment

Well spring is here and everybody’s out riding. We here at South Texas fabrication have been noticing how many clutches have been miss adjusted or completely out of adjustment. So it’s time for another installment of tech tips. Today we’re going to adjust the clutch on an 06 Dyna. This is a relatively simple fix you can do in about 25 minutes.

The first thing we need to do is relieve the pressure on the clutch cable. Just start at your clutch handle and work your way down until you find the adjustment screw. It will be covered by a black plastic cover. Slide the cover up and loosen the locknut with the locknut loose you can screw the cable together giving yourself plenty of slack in the handle.

Now find your way down to the primary cover and remove the Derby cover this will reveal your clutch pack. In the center of the clutch pack you will find a 11/16 locking nut and a setscrew. Use a socket to loosen the locking nut and then turn the setscrew clockwise until it touches, do this several times as if there is a stuck clutch plate it will give you a false setting. After doing this simply turn the setscrew until it begins to tighten and then back it off one-quarter turn. This will give you the proper slack so the clutch will engage and disengage properly. While holding the setscrew tighten the locknut with a wrench.

While you have the primary open always a good idea to check your primary fluid. Simply stand the bike up straight and while looking at the clutch pack you will see a pressure plate behind the retainer ring in the center. On the outside of the pressure plate is a small silver ring make sure your primary fluid is to the bottom of this ring. Too much primary fluid and you end up soaking your clutches too little and you and up smoking them due to lack of cooling.

Now ready to reassemble. Take your derby gasket that has been cleaned and apply a small amount of RTV sealant. Then bolt the derby cover-up and go back to your clutch cable. Extend the clutch cable removing the slack from your lever. Make sure to leave some slack in your lever as if it’s too tight it will slightly disengage your clutch leading to a slippage situation.

Now all that’s needed is the test the clutch. Start the bike in neutral and while keeping your hand on the front brake put the bike in gear the bike shouldn’t move if it moves you’re not disengaging the clutch completely you can take that out in the fine adjustment on your cable.

As always if you’re uncomfortable with this adjustment feel free to come by the shop and I can adjust it while you wait. Or if you have a problem or question feel free to call Chris at South Texas fabrication 956-212-3417. Until next time ride safe

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