MC Tips and Protocol

One of the most prestigious parts of being in a motorcycle club, is the fact that you’re a part of something that not just any Joe Blow off the street with a scooter can be a part of. To have the right to be in a brotherhood that must be earned, and CAN NOT BE BOUGHT. An organization you can’t just sign up for and gain acceptance. You have to fit the mold, just to be considered. It’s a life changing membership.

You must be careful who you invite into your club. Remember, everyone wearing your patch represents your entire MC. It only takes one member acting a fool to make the entire club look like a joke. So, it is important you are exclusive with who you invite to be a member.

“Any biker can wear a patch, but a selective few can make a good brother.”

Now don’t get me mistaken. I am not saying turn everyone away from the club and don’t let it grow. I am saying be more selective. Do your homework. Who is this guy? What kind of history and reputation does he have? Know who you are bringing into your family. You wouldn’t invite a stranger to stay the night in your home and trust with your family’s safety, would you? The same applies here. Is he worth the time and head aches? There are trouble makers out there you want to avoid from throwing wrenches in your gears. Then again there are those who are simply in need of m.c. guidance and education. Make sure he is someone willing to learn and abide by club rules.

What makes someone want to join a club? A great brotherhood and a sense of belonging? Highly likely. Let me tell you a secret though… Everyone wants what they can’t have. When you are a part of an organization peers admire, they want to be a part of it and join. And that is great, but just because they want it does not mean they can have it. At least not for free. If they want it bad enough, they will do everything they have to do to become a member. Hence.. The prospective period. The prospect period is an opportunity to prove who you are, prove how much you want the patch, to prove you deserve it, and learn how to be a damn good brother.

The sense of prestige makes being in a motorcycle club so much better. To have the public see me live my MC life and admire it is indescribable. Or see the pack riding down the road or freeway in awed… But would it be the same if anyone could do it. If just any chump on a bike could become one of us. I can’t say I would have the same passion for the club, if everyone in the world lived the same life. That is what differentiates us from the rest.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be a part of a club not just anyone can join. Only then, it is a privilege to share that patch with the selected few who deserve my respect and the right to be called my brother.

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