Clapping – Biker Joke of the Week

Biker Joke of the Week

A biker was riding down the road and comes across an old woman hitchhiking with her thumb up. He decides, this ought to be fun, so he slows down and picks her up. They were riding down the road when he decided ok, it’s time to mess with the old woman. So he hits that throttle hard and waits anxiously for the cries for help. But nothing, instead he hears her clapping deliriously. So he rides even faster and she claps even faster. One more time he hits that throttle at 120mh and the clapping gets louder. What the hell is wrong with this old woman, she is nuts he thinks. Then he begins to wonder, How the hell is she clapping her hands if we are riding so fast. He looks back to realize it’s her wrinkled cheeks flapping through the wind clapping the whole ride through…

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