Thanks for joining me Chris Fantich from South Texas Fabrication for another segment of tech tips. With all the talk about LED lighting I figured we could shine a little light on the subject. Pun intended.

The first difference is cost. LED lights tend to cost several times more per light then the halogen light you are replacing. While this tends to stop most buyers, when you factor in the fact that they typically last Ten times longer they become a better bargain. Before you say i haven’t replaced ten headlights in my bike and i have had it for five years. I get it. I haven’t either, I’m just using these numbers to prove a point.

The second major difference is the color of the light. While halogen tends to give you a yellowish light, the LED’S give you a white light. Very close to the light temperature of sunlight. The difference is night and day so to speak. The pictures show how much clearer the led light illuminates the road surface. The LED lights are only a little brighter if you hold a light gauge to them but they have a much wider dispersal area. Everyone has had the dog/deer pop out at us and made our butt cheeks slam shut. By using the LED’S you have a bit more time to react, because you are able to see it coming. As opposed to right when it is directly in-front of you. At that point it is too late. You better hope you have good reaction skills and are able to dodge it.

The third difference is power draw. LED’s draw 75% less from the battery. Living in South Texas we all know how the heat kills battery life. Less stress on the battery and electrical system is always a good thing. How many of you have been left stranded some where over a dead battery or charging system. Receiving that stress helps avoid those kinds of moments.

All and all the led lights have been a huge improvement in vehicle lighting. All of us here at South Texas Fabrication have replaced our motorcycle and vehicle lights with led bulbs or housed in LED lighting systems.

If you have any questions or problems installing or obtaining led lights please give us a call.

Chris 956-212-3417
Or our led tech
Brant 956-279-0284

We are always happy to help with your car, truck, or motorcycle L.E.D. needs



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